Blockchain and Education in China: New Possibilities and Challenges

Thanks to its characteristics such as decentralization, the consensus mechanism, traceability, openness and transparency, “blockchain + education” has offered new possibilities in credit management, learning track recording, and educational certification, etc. And based on that, government, experts and researchers all laid out the potentials of applying this emerging tech into education from theoretical and practical perspectives.

Application Potentials of Blockchain Technology in Education

From government level, the “White Paper on the Development of Blockchain Technology and Its Application in China” promulgated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in October 2016 pointed out that “since data on blockchain is transparent and cannot be tampered with, blockchain systems are well suited for student credit management, college entrance, recruitment and employment, scholarship, qualification certification, industry-academia cooperation and other aspects, and are of significant value for the healthy development of education and employment.”


Application Cases of Blockchain Technology in Education in China

Governmental policy, research results and experts’ assertion had a ripple effect in the society. The past two years have seen an explosive growth of social awareness and concern attached to this area. The public are relatively curious but also uncertain about the opportunities to tap into regarding this trendy tech. There have been several attempts to combine blockchain technology with education in China since 2018. Even TAL, the top player in China’s K12 after-school space may gear up for an expansion in this area.

Launching Ceremony of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Educational Blockchain Test Area (Source: JMDedu)
Launching Ceremony of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Big Data Educational Blockchain Test Area ( Source: JMDedu)

Challenges for Blockchain Technology in Education

However, in bringing new opportunities, the combination of blockchain and education is not without challenges.

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