Two-Teacher System, the New Model for the Education Training Market in China?

A Two-Teacher Classroom in New Oriental

How Does the Two-Teacher System Work?

First, there will be one lecturing teacher. This teacher is usually a senior lecturer, a very famous teacher, or an expert in his/her field, who will be delivering the lecture online via live-streaming. In this way, this senior (and usually very expensive) teacher could live stream the session to many classrooms, in many cities, at the same time, which could extensively reduce the costs of teaching staff and solve the problem of lack of experienced teacher in some cutting-edge technology sector, e.g. AI or VR.

What the Industry Chain Look Like?

Let’s take the K12 tutoring industry as an example. There are mainly four elements in this industry chain (in upstream-to-downstream order):

The remote answering controller

The Business Model

The very first company in China who started to use the Two-Teacher System is Terena, a leading professional skill education provider with a core strength in IT training in the 2000s. However, It’s the New Oriental and TAL Education who have pushed this concept to a larger scale.



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