Tencent formed a new education brand to initiate more internal and external collaboration

Building an educational ecosystem through its “digital assistant” function

  • For schools, Tencent Education will provide services in several aspects such as smart campus, data center, open platform and talent training. Tong mentioned that Tencent has been currently collaborating with universities to cultivate engineering professionals.
  • For education management departments, there are some problems in the previous initiatives of education informatization such as the incompatibility of the vendor systems, hindering the management departments and schools to access related data. Therefore, Tong pointed out Tencent’s attempt to connect all data channels to help students be aware of the challenges and opportunities emerging in the learning process.
  • And for education institutions, Tencent is committed to overcoming the geographical barriers of education and promoting education equality, meanwhile, serving online educational institutions and establishing a global data channel to enhance students’ learning outcomes by leveraging Tencent Cloud.

Maintaining the unique “connection” edge or not

Based on Industrial Internet to deploy new strategy



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