Tencent Education’s latest moves to connect the whole education industry

WeLearning set to connect the whole education industry

Developing a product matrix to cover all sectors

Unveiling the whole package of products we mentioned at the beginning of this article, Tencent Education aims to improve its ecosystem by co-developing contents as well as the service system with different institutions. Specifically, Study.qq.com, launched last July, focuses on the demand of users generated from the companies AI translation tool “fanyi.qq.com(腾讯翻译君)”. “We find that most students still look for high-quality English learning products.” Said Li Xuechao, vice president of Tencent Intelligent Platform. Connected to Mini-program, Study.qq.com will be introduced into public schools as a part of Tencent’s smart campus strategy.

Commonweal always highlighted by Tencent Education

During a latest interview, we asked Dowson Tong: “What is the biggest challenge for Tencent to promote education business?”



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