Pasi Sahlberg : Teachers need a sense of mission, empathy and leadership

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Trust and autonomy: More freedom for teachers and schools

Background introduction: In November 2017, more than ten parents of children at the Beijing school reported that their children in a class at RYB Education Xintiandi Kindergarten in Guanzhuang, Chaoyang District, Beijing were needle-abused and were given white pills of unknown ingredients. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Chaoyang Branch investigated. After the incident was reported on 23 November by the Beijing News, other media scrambled to report, which has aroused widespread concern in society.

Teachers must have three qualities: sense of mission, empathy, leadership

Q:It is true that a crucial step in resolving the issue of trust is to improve the quality of teachers. Which qualities do you think teachers should have?

Idea: Innovation is not purely for innovation, education is not for competition

Q: You wrote in another essay that a Finnish teacher’s career lasts approximately 40 years. In today’s fast-changing world, how can Finnish teachers keep innovating?



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