【Market Map】The Crazy-Growing Youth English Training Market in China (Part 1)

How is the Market Segmented?

Fast Growing Market

Potential Cooperation Opportunities

  • Academic Research: Some Chinese companies are looking for international scholars and research organisations that focus on AI, big data, pedagogy and linguistics researches.
    • Examination Partners: to cooperate with international exam facilities or centres to acquire the authorization of the international English exams taken domestically.
    • Teacher Recruitment and Training: To recruit native English speakers as English tutors as well as to partner with teaching research organisation or educational companies to provide teacher training and related qualifications.
    • Short-term overseas study for students or overseas internship/training for teachers.
    • Curriculum Design and Publishers. Many companies in this market would like to cooperate with educational companies and publishers to work on the curriculum design or localise the international English learning materials.



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