Learning from World Experience: What Role Should Community Play in Early Childhood Education?

Government and NGO should work together to support early childhood education

On November 15 2018, Chinese government laid out the Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Deepening Reform and Standardization of Early Childhood Education(《中共中央国务院关于学前教育深化改革规范发展的若干意见》), pointing out that by 2020, the coverage rate of universally-benefit kindergartens should reach 80%, and kindergartens around the urban residential areas will also shift their model from profit-seeking to public or universally-benefit.

Preschool education should support children to be ready for their future

“What should be taught at the early childhood education stage?” This question seems to be a topic that practitioners have never stopped discussing, and there are also major differences between the supply and demand ends of the market. That is, institutions focus on the mindset of competency-based education while kindergartens insist “happy learning”, and the scientific research in recent years has increased parents’ education investment in the so-called “golden period of children’s brain development.”

World Experience: education practice for special children groups

Currently, with more than 59 million children out of school across the globe, the need for pioneering solutions has never been greater. Refugee children and kids who are separated from their parents have become the focus of attention.



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