Is China still a good option for overseas education companies to enter?

A gold mine for global expansion

Since China launched reform and opening-up in 1978, the country with huge untapped potential has been a gold mine for foreign companies.

Different models

According to a report named Online Education and Edtech Opportunities in China published by Austrade in 2017, foreign online education providers generally operate in China in one of four ways:

  • Offering the solution within China by
  1. Establishing a WFOE
  2. Establishing a joint venture in China
  3. Partnering with a China-based company
  • Offering the service directly from overseas.

Is the market still a good option?

The regulations announced in July have an impact on both domestic and foreign companies that provide online tutoring and offline academic tutoring to preschoolers, as well as those that offer tutoring on academic subjects, especially English, to K-9 students. In addition, the partnership with adversely impacted domestic education companies is affected.



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