ByteDance Launching New K12 Product to Cover All Class Sizes in Online Learning

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Beijing, Dec.31(JMDedu) — After launching清北网校) as its attempt to tap into K-12 online tutoring, ByteDance recently unveiled a new product under the brand name:大力小班) by adopting small-size class model. Since mid-December, the product has been advertised via Toutiao and Douyin (TikTok China) to attract more customers by low-cost trial maths classes for children from grade 3 to 6.

According to the official website, is an online education brand focusing on providing K12 students with services of online quiz, Q&A and courses replay. Tianyancha, a large data technology service company with a vast repository of Chinese enterprise information, shows that Beijing Daliyouxue Education Technology Co., Ltd. which invested the product is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ByteDance and the legal representative is Wei Xionghan.

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When looking at the current online after-school subject tutoring market, large-size class has become the focus and Dongfang Youbo (New Oriental’s subsidiary) is the only player in this space who takes small class as the teaching model. While in Mathematical thinking track, small class is actually the mainstream.

For investors, a large number of transactions can be closed in a short term when adopting one-on-one model but it’s hard to get profitable. Large-size class could bring about relatively better economic benefits but the personalized learning experience under this model is yet to be optimized. As for the small-size class, despite its best profit model, this model is still struggling to boom due to the difficulty of teaching research and development.

If we take a closer look at how the world’s most valuable start-up accelerated its push into online education sector, ByteDance has covered all class sizes in online learning including its one-on-one brand GoGoKid, K-12 online tutoring large-size class清北网校) and the newly launched small-size class Moreover, the company is gearing up to roll out it educational hardware layout in the coming year.

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