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When exploring China’s education industry, have you ever encountered any difficulty searching for targeted information given the attractively huge market? Do you find it hard navigating with thousands of existing and emerging service providers? Here comes Mo — — a new education business data and market intelligence platform powered by JMDedu.

China’s Education Industry, as a market forecast to be 2.9 trillion yuan by 2020, is forming a mass of data. Driven by increasing capital flow, developing technology and policy reforms, the market has expanded dramatically in terms of industry scale and market activity. It is universally acknowledged that China’s education industry is entering a golden stage!

After School Market

• In Apr 2018, VIPKID secured 1.5 billion USD of D Round funding;

• In March 2018, 17zuoye was also funded with 1.0 billion USD for Series E funding;

• In Jun 2016, 51Talk was listed in NYSE with a market cap of 338 million USD as of end of May 2017;

• In Nov 2015, iTutorGroup raised 200 million USD of C Round funding.

In addition to those top players mentioned above, an increasing number of education practitioners and entrepreneurs have also dived into China’s after school market. Recent years see a wide range of start-ups emerging in this sector.

Potential Opportunities

• Academic Research: Some Chinese companies are looking for international scholars and research organisations that focus on AI, big data, pedagogy and linguistics research.

• Teacher Recruitment and Training: To recruit native English speakers as English tutors and to partner with teaching research organisation or educational companies to provide teacher training and related qualifications.

• Curriculum Design and Publishers: Many companies in this market would like to cooperate with educational companies and publishers as content vendors to work on the curriculum design or localise the international English learning materials.

Then how to navigate and identify?

So here comes Mo! Under this golden age of China’s education industry, we aggregate massive datasets and updated business-critical information all in English to help overseas partners better research companies, products, schools and investors across the entire education lifecycle, so that you could spend less time doing google search and translation, but focus to make better decisions with three functions offered:

  • Data: Include Chinese education companies and products from different sectors with comprehensive information on one platform.
  • Insight: Enable better decision making by reliable data-driven and sector-specific expertise and navigate with regional analysis.
  • Advisory: Work with you to provide tailored strategy based on customised request

Our specific industry insights and maps shed light on market landscape, enabling to identify product-market fit, partners and clients. Below is a very good example of our visualised and dynamic graphic. This visualisation work gives you an overview about after school market in China interactively. You could also find out the regional analysis regarding market share of each sub-market by donut chart, GDP per capita, education funding, etc.

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Apart from the market overview, sector-specific expertise also guides users through the data-driven analysis of top brands for Chinese after schools. You could find out the top players for each sub-market and their geographic distribution. They are all ranked by their number of schools within each province.

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All this visualisation work could be achieved dynamically. You could play with it yourself by requesting a free trial on the Mo platform before its official launching. There will be a lot more data and information services you could explore on this single platform instead of referring to multiple sources.

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China’s education industry forms a mass of data, entailing an education business data and market intelligence platform for overseas education practitioners to find companies, navigate and identify potential institutions for future partnership or other form of business plan. That’s why we set an ambitious object for a full spectrum of education data by building a dedicated platform — Mo to help you as a very first step for entry China’s education market.


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