2015 China Education Technology Report

Maybe you have heard that China has 260 million K16 students, and on average Chinese parents spend 20% of their family income in education. In 2015, the total education expenditure is over 500 billion dollars and total amount of financing for ed-tech grew to 2.03 billion dollars. The China Market seems so attractive, but at the same time, it’s far, mysterious and a little intimidating. And that’s why we create for you this report to unveil the curtain of China’s education sector and its ed-tech development.

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In this 48-page report, you can find answers to questions that you are always asking about China’s Education/Ed-tech Market.

- How China’s Formal School System is structured? Why China has such a lucrative and robust after-school tutoring and learning industry?

- What are the milestones in the development of China’s education industry in recent decade? What are the major features about the ed-tech boom? What’s the logic behind China’s ed-tech products?

- Which areas are the capital and entrepreneurs flowing into? How the financial market responded to education technology and innovation? Why 2015 is a year to remember for ed-tech in China?

- How the corporate giants, namely Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, New Oriental and TAL responded to the digital transformation of learning? What are the leading ed-tech companies in China?

Moreover, you can find in this report, a chart on China’s ed-tech ecosystem, a scatterplot of the 198 ed-tech investment deals in 2015, and a list of 48 ed-tech financing deals that exceeded USD 10 million in 2015.

China Education Sector: Two Separate Markets

  • Increasing Education Spending in Both Public and Private Sector
  • 160 Million K12 students and Increasing Number of Preschoolers
  • The Public Sector: China’s Formal School System
  • The Private Sector: Lucrative and Various After-School Services

China’s Ed-tech Ecosystem: The Logic Behind

  • Three Phases: Development of China’s Education Industry in the Recent Decade
  • Three Features: Development of China’s Ed-tech Products in Recent Three Years
  • Four Core Roles: Foundation to All Ed-tech Products
  • China’s Ed-tech Ecosystem in a Nutshell

Ed-tech Investment Patterns: Unprecedented Deal Flow

  • Rapid Ed-tech Investment Growth Three Year in a Row
  • Ed-tech Entrepreneurship Landscape by Category
  • Ed-tech in 2015: A Tale of Two Worlds
  • Primary Market: New Money on Board
  • Secondary Market: Public Companies Became Active Acquirers
  • New OTC Market: Viable Financing Channel for Education Companies

Moves of the Giants: Building the Ecosystems

  • Baidu: the Search Engine Aims to be the KEY to Access Chinese Learners
  • Alibaba: the E-commerce Platform Aims to be the WALLET of Education-related Transactions
  • Tencent: the IM/SNS Giant Aims to CONNECT All Learning Relations
  • New Oriental: Collaborating with the Whole Industry Chain
  • TAL: Pushing the Boundary by Strategic Investment

Unicorns in the Future: Leading Ed-tech Companies

  • TutorGRoup: An Ed-tech Unicorn
  • Hujiang: One of the Largest Integrated Online Learning Platform
  • 17zuoye: Largest K12 Online Homework Platform
  • Changingedu: K12 O2O Mobile Learning Platform
  • List: Ed-tech Financing Deals that Exceeded USD 10 Million

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